Holy Redeemer School

Tuition and Fees


The tuition for the following school year will be determined by April 1st of the current school year. By May 1st parents are required to register their child for the following year. At the time of registration, a nonrefundable minimum payment of $25 of each child’s following year tuition will be due. Also by May 1st of each year, the parent will be required to sign a Tuition Contract and to select a payment plan for the balance of the tuition adjusted for tuition assistance (as outlined below) and expected Scrip tuition reduction. Payment options will be as follows:
1. FULL PAYMENT – due by October 15th
2. TWO PAYMENTS PLAN – 50% due by October 15th and 50% due by February 15th.
3. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN-AUTOMATIC DEBIT PLAN – Parent will be required to complete an automatic debit form that would automatically deduct 1/8th of the expected tuition due directly from their personal checking account starting on October 15th and running through May 15th. After May 15th and prior to May 30th, a final tuition statement will be issued showing any unpaid tuition. This unpaid tuition is due and payable by June 15th and if not paid by that time an additional 10% late charge will be assessed.
It is hereby the policy of Holy Redeemer School that the student will not be able to attend the school the following year until all unpaid tuition and late fees are paid in full or some arrangement is made with the Pastor. This policy became effective in 2000.
Tuition assistance is available for those families with certain economic conditions, which makes them unable to pay the full tuition. The procedure needed to determine if tuition assistance is needed is as follows:
1. Prior to July 1st the parent is required to complete a confidential income and financial position application, which will be sent to an independent analysis firm which specializes in determining need-based tuition assistance. The results of the application will be binding unless the parent sets up a meeting with either the Principal or the Pastor, at which time any additional information presented will be considered in determining the available tuition assistance. In all cases, available tuition assistance will be determined by October 15th and the required Tuition Contract should be signed.
2. There will be those situations during the school year when a family’s financial situation changes significantly and available tuition assistance should be reconsidered. In those situations, the parent must contact either the Principal or the Pastor to review their situation and available tuition assistance. Once an agreement is determined, future tuition payment requirements will be adjusted accordingly.
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