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What Our Graduates Say

HRS is like a roller coaster.  The older (higher) you get, the more memories created.  The loops and turns are unexpected surprises.  At the end of the ride, you’re upset it ended, but the ride was truly an amazing experience.  I’ve experienced Kindergarten graduation, puppet plays, field trips, Camp Foley, Light Of Christ, Seder Meal, and more.  As I look back, no regrets were made.  The small class atmosphere, the one-on-one attention, the amazing classmates, and the remarkable faculty and staff.  Going to Holy Redeemer School means creating the inevitable memories that follow.  To me, HRS is always going to be a part of me because it shaped me and I’m going to cherish that now and forever.

By: Katie, HRS Class of ‘09

The best part about Holy Redeemer is the small classes and how everyone is so close together.  And everyone is nice.

Quinn, HRS Class of '09

What makes HRS special is all the fun stuff we do that no one else gets to experience.  We go on lots of field trips and fun stuff like that.

Jeff, 2009 8th grader

HRS is special because HRS get quality teachers and makes everything fun. 
I enjoyed the Apple Orchard in the elementary years and I always enjoyed the Middle School field trip.
Holy Redeemer always teaches you more so you can excel more in academics.

Aaron, 2009 8th grader

My best experience at HRS was Kindergarten graduation in 2001.  It was cool because of the hats that we got.

Brent, 8th grader at HRS

Holy Redeemer is a great school because you get to know all of you classmates.  The experiences are fun and exciting.

Alaina, HRS 8th grader 2009

HRS is very special in many ways.  You have many different experiences throughout you entire HRS career.  In 2nd grade you receive your First Communion and in 3rd grade you perform the Living Rosary.  When you get to 8th grade you get to do the Light of Christ and the Seder Meal.  There are a lot of good experiences here at HRS.

Kelsey, HRS 8th grader 2009

Some of my favorite things about HRS are all of the experiences that you have here that you wouldn’t have at other schools.  You have the 8th grade carnival, Seder Meal, and many other things.  Also at HRS the classes are small so you know and are friends with everyone.

Maddie, 8th grader – 2009

Holy Redeemer is important because we are all really close.  We all have friends who we will most likely be friends with for the rest of our lives.  We also get a very good education.  The teachers are always willing to go one-on-one if we need help.  I have been going to HRS for 9 years and loved everyone.

Maggie, 8th grade 2009

The tightly woven relationships with everyone.
The Camp Foley trip.  I will remember forever.
The teachers here are very nice.
They give you what you need for life.
They bring you closer to God.

Seth, 8th grade 2009

HRS has many benefits for all grades.  Every year the class gets to go on a sweet field trip.  There is always good teachers and friendly smiles.

Dolan, 8th grade 2009

There are a lot of things that make HRS special.  The teachers are so funny!  They make learning more fun.  You get to take really fun field trips too.  Recess is also really fun!

Courtney, 8th grade 2009

HRS is just a great place to be.  You know almost everyone in the school.  There are so many memories and great moments at this school.  The Seder Meal, Light Of Christ, Camp Foley, end of quarter parties and a lot, lot more.  My HRS experience is the best.  I am so happy my parents brought me to this school.  I’ve been at HRS since pre-school and loved every bit of it.  My parents made the best choice and I’m happy I’m here.  I will miss HS when I leave.

Riley , Class of 2009

HRS builds who you are.  It is a nice place to go and learn.  You will appreciate a Holy Redeemer School education.

Bo Erickson, Class of 2009

I think Holy Redeemer is special because the teachers are great.  You develop good relationships and the teachers know how to get through to you.  Over the years, you will probably develop many memories.  The academics is also very good and it couldn’t get better.  You will be ready for the future physically, mentally and spiritually.

Alex, 8th grade 2009

There are many things that makes HRS special.  Some of them are small classes.  You get to know everybody and the teachers.  Also, the teachers are always there to help you.

Corey, HRS class of 2009

HRS is special because of its closeness.  All the students know each other.  We are all friends.  And some of the teachers really care.

Meghan, HRS class of 2009

HRS is one of the best schools here.  You learn about Jesus and his life.  Also, we have most the academic classes that are very good.  In 6th grade there is a tradition that the class goes to Camp Foley.  It is an awesome experience to be able to go.  I couldn’t have wanted any other school to prepare me for the rest of my life.

Kim, HRS class of 2009

Holy Redeemer is a great school.  We have so many memories from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  We do a Christmas concert every year.  We have a nativity scene and singing.  Most of the eighty graders have an acting part.  It is really fun.

Jade, HRS class of 2009

Holy Redeemer has the best traditions.  The “Light Of  Christ” was one of my favorite things.  It is truly special, it has a good meaning.  My brother who is nine years older than me still remembers doing it and he still has his candle.  I hope my sister enjoys it as much as we did.  My parents get teary eyed when it ends.

McKenzie, HRS class of 2009

This school is special because you are able to know everyone by name.  The classes are small and that helps to make very tight friendships.  The experiences here last a lifetime.  Everyone seems to get what they need because we’ve been together for so long that we can tell when someone feels out of place.  This kind of bond can only exist if the people around are as kind, and spiritual, like here, at Holy Redeemer School.

Kailey, HRS Class of 2009

HRS is special because it teachers us about God.  We can relate all the subjects to God.  It makes us prepared for the future and for high school.  There are so many fun experiences like field trips at HRS.

Hannah, HRS Class of 2009

HRS is special because of the memories. We have such a great time.  We are smarter than public and everyone is a friend.  If you are good you get to go outside and learn and play the rest of the time.  With 5 days of school left right now we are learning algebra II (11th grade math).  He doesn’t grade you, but prepares you.

Austin, HRS Class of 2009

The best years of you life are said to be college and your first job, but I don’t believe it.  The best years really are your childhood, you are just too young to understand and appreciate it.  Going to a Catholic school gives you a sense of the direction of your life.  And you can choose to follow it, or you can choose to make your own path.  But what your childhood truly means isn’t relevant to you until after they’re gone.

Claire, HRS Class of 2009

Holy Redeemer is an awesome school for so many reasons!  Even just this year we did so much.  One thing that I’ll remember was the Light Of Christ during the Christmas Concert.  It was so much fun…and I know a lot of people who still have their candles.  I know I’ll keep mine!  It was just so powerful to be able to do it, and I’ll remember it.

Alyssa, HRS Class of 2009

HRS is special because it teaches you life long lessons.  You have your traditions, academics and just plain fun over all.  There are great teachers and staff, and they help you one-on-one.  You feel like they are just teaching you!  When we go to church we get to think about our week and how we have grown.  Let Jesus just speak to us through His words!  HRS can offer you so much that can help you in the future.

Emily, HRS Class of 2009

My favorite things about Holy Redeemer School are the traditions and moments that have shaped me to be who I am today.  I love the traditions because back in the lower grades I watched the older ones do it and couldn’t wait to be the older one for others to look upon for guidance.  The moments I have with my friends and teachers here are priceless.  They have made me stronger in my faith and life in general.  Holy Redeemer School has shown me what really matters in life.

Angela, HRS Class of 2009

HRS is a very special place because whether you are in Kindergarten or 8th grade you are given an amazing opportunity to grown in your faith.  I fell that through all of the activities we do here I have been given many opportunities to lean more about my own faith.  The memories I have had here I will remember through the rest of my life.

Abby, HRS Class of 2009

Holy Redeemer is the only school I have ever been to.  I remember seeing the things we  recently did in eighth grade in kindergarten.  Back then, I wanted to do all of that.  Now that I have, I just regret that I will probably never do that again.  I have learned so much here that I can’t think about some other things I still have to learn.

Aaron, HRS Class of 2009

I am very glad I went to HRS my whole K-8 grade years.  There were many fun times that I’ve had.  Some of the best times were field trips like in 6th grade we went to Camp Foley, the capital, General Mills museum.  In 8th grade we got to go to a play, James J. Hill House, and Fort Snelling.  We also got to do the Seder Meal and the Light Of Christ in 8th grade and it was some of the best times at Holy Redeemer School.

Brooke, HRS Class of 2009

HRS is special because you know so many people, you can know everyone in your grade.  It just makes everyone closer.  We all pray for families in need or if someone needs help.  It is also good because the teachers can give you special attention if you need it.  It will always be some of the best years of my life.

Claire, HRS Class of 2009


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